Students attending the North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center obtain their high school diploma or certificate of completion in accordance with their Individual Education Program (IEP) from Devils Lake High School. Class placement (preschool through 8th grade) and mainstreamed options will be determined via IEP. Graduation requirements are set forth by state law.

Assessment          Grading System


The educational program shall provide both formal studies to meet the general academic needs of all students and, to the extent possible, opportunities for individual children to develop specific talents and interests in more specialized fields.

The instructional program shall be developed with the view toward maintaining balanced, integrated, and sequentially articulated curricula, which will serve the educational needs of all students.

The instructional program shall include those courses required by law as well as established by the administration following the recommendation from the Professional Learning Community (PLC). Curricula shall be provided sufficient latitude to provide the teachers with time to teach the current, topical, and incidental material, which adds motivation and meaningful teaching and learning.

Individual Education Program

The ND School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NDSD/RCDHH) will follow the procedure for design and implementation of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) as outlined in the Guidelines: Individualized Education Program Planning Process published by the Department of Public Instruction:  IDEA 2004.


NDSD/RC students shall be included in general education at Devils Lake Public Schools according to provisions of their IEPs and considering, at least, the following factors: communication skills, including expressive and receptive language and ability to utilize an interpreter; appropriateness of indirect (via interpreter) communication with the instructor(s); social needs and skills; academic progress and course electives.

Students shall be provided direct support services in the mainstream as specified in their IEP.

School Class Placement

The organization of the school shall be:

  • Secondary: Grades 9 - 12 (Classes at Devils Lake High School with support from Teachers of Deaf and interpreters.)
  • Elementary:  1 - 8
  • Kindergarten: age 5
  • Preschool: ages 3 - 4

Students within the preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school shall be grouped according to student need (academic, social, and behavioral). Students shall be housed as determined most appropriate, considering age, numbers of residential students, and characteristics of dormitory facilities.

Students with secondary handicaps shall be educated and provided residential programming with their deaf peers to the maximum extent possible within the definition of appropriate educational programming as determined by each student's IEP.


Students shall be promoted on the following basis:

  • From preschool to kindergarten if 5 years old prior to midnight of July 31, except as provided by law.
  • From kindergarten to elementary school if 6 years old prior to midnight of July 31, except as provided by law.
  • From elementary to middle school as determined appropriate by the IEP team.
  • From middle school to high school as determined appropriate by the IEP team.

Student Awards Program

At the end of each school year, an Awards Day is held to recognize students for their efforts and achievements during the school year. Staff members are encouraged to submit awards and/or nominations for awards to the Director of Education. Areas of recognition include:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Special Yearly Programs