ND Freelance Interpreter List (Certified)

North Dakota Century Code:  Chapter 43-52 Interpreters - current state law regarding interpreters in ND:

Staff members from the Communications Department are available to make arrangements for or provide a variety of support services to students and staff. Some of the support services available include the following:

  • interpreter services for school-related functions/activities
  • tutoring services
  • note-taking services
  • instruction in American Sign Language

The Communications Department also assists with developing policies and procedures related to the school's communication policy, and the roles and responsibilities of students, and their use of interpreters and tutors/note-takers. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the current communication policy may contact the Communications Coordinator at 701-665-4423 or via email (contact).

The Communications Department at the North Dakota School for the Deaf works collaboratively with Lake Region State College (LRSC), to assist in providing instruction and training for college students enrolled in the American Sign Language and Interpreter Studies (ASL & IS) program at LRSC. Students who successfully complete two years of course work/training will earn an AAS degree in ASL and Interpreting. Lake Region State College works collaboratively with Minot State University to offer an option for a four-year degree in Interpreting and Sign Language Studies. For further information regarding the ASL & IS program, please call the LRSC admissions office at 701-662-1514.