North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (brochure)

The North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NDSD/RCDHH) was established in 1890 by the North Dakota Constitution and located in Devils Lake is under the direction, control, and management of the Department of Public Instruction NDSD/RCDHH has been proudly serving the citizens of North Dakota with programs and services since its establishment by the North Dakota Legislature in 1890 and continues to be an important part of the continuum of services of North Dakota's excellent education system.

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The school is an educational institution for the education of persons of all ages with severe to profound hearing loss that looks at the individual needs of the child and family. Out-of-state students are accepted on a tuition basis. NDSD/RCDHH collaborates with public and private entities for the provision of services to adult individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing plus provides direct services to adults statewide

The North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a school using specialized methods of instruction for hearing impaired youth. The school provides a comprehensive academic program for preschool through grade 8 covering a broad range.  In order to educate hearing-impaired students in accordance with Individualized Education Plans, they may participate in mainstream programs with their hearing peers for part of the day in the Devils Lake Public Schools including academic and vocational classes.   

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High school students (Grades 9-12) are enrolled at Devils Lake High School and receive support services from NDSD/RCDHH as per their IEP. NDSD/RCDHH offers sign language instruction to Devils Lake High School students. Students from NDSD/RCDHH may participate in community activities and in co-op athletic programs with the public schools.

NDSD/RCDHH has residential programming for students from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon with numerous opportunities for extra-curricular activities social interactions, and development of independent living and community skills.  Students are transported home each weekend and for school holidays so there is plenty of family interaction.

Assessments, consultations, and direct services to school-age students in mainstream settings are available for school districts and special education units upon request.  NDSD/RCDHH is accredited through the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) and the North Central Association/Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA/CASI) K-8.

The school supports a parent/infant program for hearing impaired children from birth to three years. Through this program children and their families throughout North Dakota receive specialized instruction in their homes.

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As an outreach/resource center, NDSD/RCDHH provides assessment, evaluation, and consultation services to local education agencies. NDSD/RCDHH provides information, assistance, and referrals to state agencies, the medical/health professions, law enforcement, independent service providers, parent and families, and a variety of other interested individuals and/or groups.

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Through summer programming, hearing impaired students from local school districts throughout the State of North Dakota are given the opportunity to develop self-esteem, self-help, and socialization skills during summer camps at NDSD/RCDHH. Family Learning Vacations are provided to families throughout North Dakota.


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list of available services provided by the ND School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing can be obtained by contacting the school and/or individual listed next to the requested service.


NDSD/RCDHH is Accredited...

The North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing is pleased to announce that the NDSD Model School has been awarded continuing accreditation with AdvancEd through 2023.

The North Dakota School for the Deaf Engagement Team found a wide variety of evidence to indicate the school’s commitment to continuous school improvement. Statements made during stakeholder interviews, the leadership presentation, a review of various artifacts and evidence, and formal and informal observations revealed that the school has established a systematic process for the commitment to continuous improvement. There was great optimism within the school’s culture and the climate suggested that a variety of stakeholders assisted in the improvement planning, including the vision, mission, and belief statement.  (click on image to view certificate.)

Accreditation Certificate