The North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center (NDSD/RC) serves children deaf/hearing-impaired children from birth through age twenty-one (21) and adults. All children residing within the state of North Dakota, who are enrolled at NDSD/RC will be provided a free education based upon a completed individual education plan.

Section 2. Amendment. Section 25-07-04 of the North Dakota Century Code is amended and reenacted as follows:

25-07-04. Qualifications for admission to school for deaf--Residents of state entitled to free education. The North Dakota school for the deaf serves deaf/hearing impaired children from birth through age twenty-one (21). The North Dakota school for the deaf shall furnish application blanks upon request and no child will be admitted until application is completed and approved. Students enrolled shall be furnished transportation by the school for the deaf as indicated in the student's individual education plan. All deaf/hearing impaired children who are residents of the state are entitled to receive a free education based on a completed individual education plan designed with consideration to the following factors: communication need and the preferred mode of communication, linguistic needs, severity of hearing loss and potential for using residual hearing, academic level and style of learning, social needs, emotional needs, placement preference of child and parents, individual motivation, cultural needs, and family support.

The North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center (NDSD/RC) assures that all children residing within the unit boundaries who have disabilities and who are in need of special education and related services will be identified, located, and evaluated.

Before a student is enrolled or placed at NDSD/RC, an IEP must be provided by the LEA, and approval for placement at NDSD/RC must be obtained from the Superintendent of NDSD or his/her designee.